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Why don’t you produce more kinds of pastry?

We believe that we produce enough kinds of pastry and that our assortment is really broad. We produce bread in many variants, deliver bread packed and unpacked and in different weights. We have an assortment daily pastries and multi grain bread, six grain baguette, dark baguette, kornspitz, soy- and graham rolls, linen gold, butter linen rolls and more. The pastries are the Czech buchte, hand-decorated cookies, braid cake, strudel. The durable baked pastries are Linzerstangerl, Butterstangerl and a very popular dessert coffee bean. And not at least Bishop’s bread  – an inseparable part of the table, not exclusively at Christmas and Easter. And further our wide range of desserts and pies.

How should I proceed if I want to buy pastries from you?

In case you would like to buy our pastries, please contact us via our trade department by e-mail, or by telehone no. +420 376 344 261-262. For us the main information will be the place, where you want the products to be delivered, the time and the day of the week when you expect to receive the goods. If it is possible to deliver at the specified location, only a purchase command for the desired products will do. 

As the purchase agreement must be recorded and the data to be included in our system, it is necessary to take into account a certain processing time for the contract. When entering the contract  an extract from the trade register or the trade license will be required.

What are the prices for small customers?

The price for small merchants/customers is based at our main pricelist. Price adjustment is possible and always depends on the quantity of the ordered products. We can send you our price list on request by e-mail or post. If you are interested in receiving our price list, please contact our order department objedná, tel. +420 376 344 344, or our trade department by e-mail , tel. +420 376 344 261-262.

Do you also sell remaining pastry?

Yes, remaining pastry can be purchased on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6.00 to 10.00 a.m., on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. Contact tel. +420 376 344 235.

Why is the price of the Butterlinzerstangerl so high?

For the production of Butterlinzerstangerl we use butter and chocolate. These raw materials are high-quality and tasty, but also expensive.

Do you use the unsold bread, that comes back from the stores, in the fresh dough?

By no means will the bread, that comes back from the stores, be used again in the production.

Does your bread contain fresh sour-dough?

Yes, we value the fact, that we always used fresh sour-dough at the production of bread. In the past the classical kneading was done in wooden mangers, nowadays we get the dough steadily kneaded by our automatic production process.

Why aren‘t all rolls strewn?

Because not all of our trade partners want strewn rolls and some of them even don‘t want it generally. However we produce also the strewn rolls and our customers may choose.